PSL owns a wide variety of modular cable handling spreads that can be readily shipped anywhere in the world and deployed on different types of barges, Supply Vessels or any other Vessel Of Opportunity.

Indicative available cable handling equipment includes:
➲ Static Cable Tanks
➲ Linear Cable Engines, Tensioners and Portable Cable Drum (3m / 20tn Holdback)
➲ Cable Highways
➲ Stern chutes
➲ Cable breaks
➲ Cable Drum c/w Mounting Base&Brake
➲ Cable Rollers & Deflectors
➲ Cable Quadrants

Further, if depending on the country of requirement, the above spreads can also be easily fabricated on-site with flexible modular designs under the supervision of PSL’s technical teams.

Along with the cable handling equipment PSL also owns a modular Dynamic Positioning Thrusters with DP-1 Control & Navigation Pilot House (Kongsberg) to ensure precise cable laying operations. The system comprises of:

• 6 x Diesel-Hydraulic Out-Board Thrusters- 200Kw each (Thrustmasters of Texas)
• Power Packs & Diesel Engines
• Kongsberg DP-1 Navigation & Positioning
• Pilot House (Module)