PSL owns and operates a range of trenchers for both Simultaneous & Post Lay Burial, specifically designed to operate in shallow water depths from 0 to 30m Depth and trenching depths of up to 3m. PSL’s SKAS series units have effectively trenched over 2000km of submarine cables up to 3m below the seabed in over 80 countries around the globe.

The SKAS units in particular are all air transportable and can be mobilised onto any vessel of opportunity with a full commercial dive spread and team to support within 10 days’ notice to proceed. Both the SKAS & S-SKAS units have the ability to be deployed from shore (beach) depending on the shore-end approach.

PSL also has access to Work Class Trenching ROVS under hire along with vessels to support for trenching requirements above 40m Water Depth and up to 1000m Water Depth.