MARPRO II and III are fully modular multipurpose self propelled shallow draft barges easily configurable for a variety of projects. Powered by two 320 kW engines each, they can be easily transported and assembled into working platforms in a very short time and also joined to a single vessel with four engines and 330 mz deck area, a powerful, stable, shallow draft solution for coastal work. In both barges every engine is controlled individually by a PBC-Omega Marine Systems 360 degree rotating Joy stick. This configuration provides excellent positional control, equivalent to DPO capability, that when combined with PSL’s mobile DGPS C-NAV precision and cable spreads, converts the vessels into a turnkey cable operations solution for the most demanding projects. A multitude of other spreads and configurations are possible including floating crane, diving support and container and vehicle transportation. Accommodation can be provided by 20 or 40 ft accommodation containers as appropriate for the necessary number of crew or passengers.