AMX-1 F.O Cable System BRAZIL Seg.1.6 & Seg.3.1 for Alcatel-Lucent.

Project involved the Direct Shore End Landings of Fiber Optic Cables to two landing sites (Praia do Futuro I & II) in Fortaleza, Brazil including installation of Articulated Pipes (200m each) Cable Protection Systems, Offshore Cable Burial to 1m target burial depth, diver inshore surveys and installation of Ocean Ground Beds.

All project equipment and spreads were locally fabricated, tested and deployed with preparations undertaken by our company’s Engineering & Design department and fabrications supervised by our Technicians & Chief Engineers. Implications due to importation restraints were effectively avoided and project was executed safely, effectively and on-time.

AMX-1 F.O Cable System GUATEMALA Seg.4.4 for Alcatel-Lucent.

Project involved the Mobilisation of our Shallow Draft, Installation & Repair Vessel, the C/S Ikaros, fully loaded with all survey, installation & protection spreads, Mobilised from Piraeus, Greece to Guatemala.

Cable Loading was completed in Curacao and followed by the installation of a 25km Pre-laid Shore End Landing in the territorial waters of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala including installation of Articulated Pipes (100m) Cable Protection Systems, Offshore Cable Burial to 2m target burial depth using the SKAS IV Cable Trencher.

All operations were completed successfully, on-time & on-budget via our turnkey approach eliminating many of the local particularities for our client.

POSEIDON Survey & HDD Installation for Ocean Specialists Inc.

Project involved the Geophysical and Geotechnical Land and inshore survey works including Bathymetry,Core sampling using a Jack-Up Platform, Burial Assessment Study, Morphological Seafloor Mapping and detailed drawings to two landing sites of Pentaskhinos & Yeroskipos in Cyprus.

Following the Geotechnical & Geophysical Surveys, 2 x 300m 4”D HDPE pipe Horizontal Directional Drilling installation works will be completed for the POSEIDON Cable System in both landing sites (Pentaskhinos & Yeroskipos) in Cyprus.

POSEIDON Deep Water Survey for TESubCom.

Project Involves an Offshore Deep Waters Marine Survey up to approx.3000m Water Depth. in Cypriot and Israeli territorial waters for POSEIDON Cable System route optimization.

PSL-MT is utilizing its own Survey Team & Survey Vessel fully outfitted with all survey equipment required to 3000m Water Depth to undertake the works in a turn-key fashion.

BERMUDA Cable System Survey & Installation for Quantum Communications.

Project involves the route survey using our Survey Team equipped with Side Scan Sonars and accompanied by Maritech’s Dive Team for a Diver Swim Survey along the cable route to allow route optimization.

Further, the Recovery and scrappage of an old redundant FO Cable will also be undertaken prior to the Pre-Laid Shore End Landing Installation operation of 3.7kms from Tucker’s Town to Southside, Bermuda.

Services provided include the Supply & Installation of Articulated Pipes (250m) Cable Protection Systems, 225 Concrete Bags and 360 Steel Pins to protect the cable throughout the rocky / coral seabeds without interfering with the protected areas via trenching.