AMX-1 Remedial Works for Alcatel-Lucent.

The Submarine Cable AMX-1 at Barranquilla, Colombia, have been exposed on the shore.

Remedial actions had to be taken and re-bury the cable for the safety of the cable segment and the public. Our company had to re-bury the exposed cable at wet soil with 1.0m target burial depth and in dry sand at 2.0m target burial depth (or until meet hard soil first).

Using Hand-Jet burial tool, our specialized Dive Team performed re-burial at the surf zone from KP 0.100. On the beach side, the cable reburied using excavators between 1.7 and 1.0m burial depth. The re-burial operations was undertaken with great care to not damage the cables.

Total 40m of cable was re-buried was completed at December of 2014 as per contract requirements.

The main assets for the completion of this project was the Hand-Jet burial tool and the excavators.

Faster Submarine Cable Project for Orange Marine

The Faster Cable System is a fiber optic cable connecting USA, Taiwan and Japan to each other. Our company was requested by Orange Marine to perform the shore end installation of the cable through a pre-installed Horizontally Directionally Drilled duct of 1475 meters in length in Bandon (OR), USA.

The Cable Lay Vessel was positioned at Kilometer Post 1.660 for the Shore End landing operations. Prior to the Shore End Landing operations the planned route was inspected by divers, and the protruding HDD duct (50 cm from the mudline) was cut with the aid of underwater cutting equipment as per owner’s request.

A couple of extra tasks performed as per owner’s request were the design, fabrication and supervision of a new suitable bell-mouth for the Shore End Landing operation as well as the design, fabrication and installation of a socket at the offshore pipe end following Shore End Landing completion.

Following the SEL of the cable, the post-lay inspection of the cable took place and the project was completed when our specialized team demobilized from the site following the site restoration.

Our company was equipped with the necessary cable landing, dive and burial spreads to perform the operations.

Our company utilized its expertise and many years of experience in shore end installations and the project was completed successfully in September 2015, on time and in accordance with the scope of work requirements.