PSL, by nature of its experience, has specialized in the most difficult projects in the industry and has tailored services to overcome any type of obstruction encountered in subsea cable installations. Whether it is a difficult shore end approach or a water-to-water crossing, PSL can overcome these obstacles via its dedicated HDD Units.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) makes the impossible possible. The HDD approach has the potential to save both time and money by offering an alternative approach to open trenching. By completing an HDD most of the ground surface remains undisturbed, lessening the environmental impact of placing pipe and the local area traffic flow can continue without disruption. Communities remain relatively undisturbed and visually pleasing.

PSL’s current HDD Capabilities Include:

• Capable of crossing spans of up to1000m with pipe up to 12 inches in diameter.
• Trenchless technology protects natural environment by drilling beneath them.
• Land-to-water and water-to-water crossings, impervious to shoreline erosion, ice movement, dredging, anchors and watercraft.