PSL provides surveying services in any marine location around the world. Our team of qualified personnel experts in the fields of hydrography, marine geophysics, UXO detection and ROV survey, providing acquisition, processing and interpretation of highly accurate and precisely positioned seabed and sub-seabed data.

The acquisition, processing and reporting of seabed and sub-seabed data is critical to several over-water operations, including the planning, installation and maintenance of cables and pipelines, coastal construction projects and infrastructure maintenance. PSL offers a complete range of survey and seabed mapping services, including desktop studies, topographic landing surveys, shallow-water (including diver swim) surveys, bathymetry, submarine cable and pipeline route surveys, covering the whole route from landing site, near shore to full ocean depths. PSL’s experienced personnel expertise across specific offshore survey services.

These services include:

• Hydrographic Surveys
• Sub Bottom Profiling
• Electromagnetic Services
• Side Scan Sonar Surveys
• Cable & Pipe Route Surveys
• ROV Surveys